Two Can Tango is a Website that contains a library of short letters.

The letters are short encounters of  people experiencing the guidance of Jesus in their everyday lives.

Jesus is our bridegroom waiting anxiously to take us into heaven with Him


tctpage1 200  The Tango had a very bad name
  Associated with lust, shadows and shame
  It was designed
  for a brief moment in mind

        This Tango you’ll find
        is a dance continued in time
        between a man and his wife
        united, forever in life

              At first they struggled every day
              Didn’t know where to go
              Then Jesus washed their sins away
              a new dance began, their very own Tango

                  Love is the tune that opens the door
                  to their very own, special dance floor
                  This Tango is sure
                  Passionate but pure

                      It is still wild, the two people find
                      each of them has their very own mind
                      Steps aren’t easy and often toes meet
                      as things of the world come between their feet

                          This Tango however, moves on with a song
                          In every step Jesus dances along
                          When one stumbles or cries
                          they see the love of Jesus in each other’s eyes

                              Every year the Tango moves on…
                              sometimes a bit slower on a different song
                              the family grows and more feet appear
                              Choreography is never clear

                                  With Jesus in our Tango
                                  the dance moves along
                                  Every day a new ball
                                  with music, refreshments and all

                                      This Tango is pure
                                      this Tango is clean
                                      this Tango has rhythm
                                      and four happy dancing feet
























 Not with Jesus yet? 

He is reaching out

Take His hand

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