See Jesus

See Jesus

 This is the last postcard I will be sending out this year.

I pray for you to have a blessed festive season, feasting in the love of God in the presence of Jesus while surrounded by family and friends.

I pray that you will experience the heart of God and that you would see Jesus.

In Matthew 5:8 Jesus said that the pure in heart is blessed because they will see God. This was not meant to take place after you have died and gone to heaven because the beatitudes are meant for people who are alive, still here on earth.

This means that you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven to see Jesus. You can see Him if you are pure at heart. All of us are pure because Jesus paid the price for all our sins, reconciling us with God.

However, we constantly tend to carry stuff in our hearts that pushes Jesus away and causes Him to stand at a distance making it hard for us to see Him.

Jesus once said that our hearts would be where our treasures are. Our hearts are being filled all the time by what we regard as our treasures, It speaks for itself that hearts filled with love for God, family and friends will obviously harbour the pure love of God as well.

Yet, sometimes we are so overcome with joy in the presence of people close to us that we tend to forget that God is also present.

God is always present and Jesus loves us so much that these moments of our personal fellowship with Him, are His most favourite moments too. However, the fact that we sometimes forget Him when we have fun, accounts for some of His most sad experiences.

I pray you will see Jesus every day, not only for you to have an awesome experience but also that Jesus would have the same awesome experience!