Bak to the future

Back to The Future

 The proper thing to do with sins is taking it to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness, right?

Jesus showed me one morning that every day many people approach Him with their little plastic bags filled with sins.

This is so easy, I mean, I put my sins into a little black plastic bag like dirt; take it to Jesus and very conveniently Jesus disposes of it. Like “please forgive me Jesus”, “it is fine My child, I forgive you” – and the little bag is gone.

What actually happens is very shocking. Jesus showed me that the little plastic bag is not just put into a waste basket standing next to Him. Every bag is emptied over the head of Jesus and all the filth runs down His face over His shoulders. It is not merely pushed into a waste bin.

Before you stop reading, hear me out. I know that Jesus is holy and living in heaven and that He would never ever be subjected again to a cross with common sins poured all over Him.

Let’s go back in time to the year approximately 33. The initial scene is the house of a high priest and later the headquarters of a Roman leader. Here we witness the most horrible and cruel scenes of humiliation, torture and punishment administered by religious people and Roman soldiers.

Among the soldiers with blood stained clothes, we see millions upon millions of people standing in line, each carrying a black plastic bag. They wait their turn to empty their bags on the tortured Figure in the centre. We are in no hurry, so let us spend some time at this scene. There are so many people and there, look, there we are too! The one with the two large bags is me and oh yes, there you are!

From the moment Jesus was captured and punished, we also took part in the ordeal by heaping our sins onto Him.

We contributed to every second of the suffering that Jesus endured until His death on the cross. Every bag of sin is emptied over Jesus as He was beaten and humiliated. We empty our bags over His tortured body because Jesus chose to take it. He knew it was our only option. Jesus, who knows everything, saw you and me sinning in this day and age and He took those bags as if it were His own ugly deeds. He endured every second of cruel torture then for what we are doing now.

Let’s go back to the future. After we have seen this, I picture Jesus standing in front of us, almost apologetically taking our heads into His hands for letting us witness this scene of the past. “It is fine, My child. I saw you standing there in this day and age and as I love so much, I had to do it. All I ask of you, is to love Me and consider applying more discipline in your life. Had it been necessary, I would do it again, but I know it is done. The payment has been made.

We are human and Jesus knows it is almost impossible for us not to sin. Our sins are not simply a small plastic bag of garbage thrown down at the feet of Jesus to be disposed of.

The price was high because the currency used to buy our freedom, was the flesh and blood of the Son of God.