Seeing is believing

Seeing is Believing

 Some people receive what they ask from God but some struggle.

Thomas, was one of those who struggled.

He was thinking about his problems when Jesus told him, “Faith is visible, Thomas and I don’t see faith when I look at you.”

“Why, Lord, no, I do believe! You are real!”

“Really, then why the long face, why the new wrinkles on your forehead?”

“If you have faith, why don’t you make a joyful shout to God and sing out in honour of His Name?” (Psalm 66:1-7)

“But I haven’t received anything yet, Lord.”

“That is the problem. You are counting your needs instead of your blessings. Faith is not meant for needs, Thomas. Faith is to know that although I have ascended into heaven, I did not leave nor forsake you.”

“Because of My death on the cross, you are righteous. All you need to do is to establish your righteousness by believing (Isaiah 54:14) and to live in victory. Righteousness is established through faith.”

“When it is established, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. That is your heritage.” (Isaiah 54:17)

“Seeing is believing and with your worries written all over your face, anyone can see that you don’t.”

“If you have believed that you are in the presence of God through the Holy Spirit, you would have been shouting in joy. You would have bowed your head in worship to thank Him instead of crying.”

“Life ought to be a constant praise and worship in His presence regardless of the fact that you haven't received yet.” (2 Chronicles 20:17-22)

“All over the world My people are under attack. If only they would establish their righteousness by faith. A brand new life awaits them – all they need to do is to live in praise and honour to God.”