Get up and go!

The world is tough My child, that I know
you are blaming Me for feeling low
you are walking backwards, dear
facing front but back you go

you have the light, bright and strong
yet you only see the sad and wrong
looking at darkness for so long
the light seems faded, almost gone

you’ve been moving backwards
with no intent of going there
but by standing motionless
you moved deep into despair

life is on the move, My child
keep up, keep moving too
I was also hurt
by people just like you

you showed remorse
I wiped you clean
that was yesterday
and yesterday is far away

life is filled with good and bad
keep the good and drop the sad
don’t lose hope, no need to run
live your life and enjoy the fun

I am with you at your side
but YOU must go ahead
get up and walk!
yesterday is dead