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Hess opens her eyes and looks at her watch. “Oh, I wish I could sleep a little longer!“

It is still dark outside but she has to get up and start preparing for the new day ahead. Trying not to disturb her husband, she gets up and suddenly remembers, “Oh, sorry Lord, morning Jesus.”

Jesus smiles back at her, “Morning, child. I’m so glad you’re awake. When you sleep I still watch over you but I am waiting anxiously every day for you to wake up and start your day living with Me.”

“Jesus, I surrendered my life to You years ago and I have been doing it every morning since. I love You, Jesus.”

”I love you too, Hess. I see you every morning hugging your seven-year-old daughter before she leaves for school and I notice the desire in your heart to spend more time with her, but you can’t. I notice the concern as you look at Tom, your eleven-year-old, wondering how he got that big so fast. He grows up in your house and yet, it feels as if you have missed a big part of his life.

That is how I feel about you. Although you greet Me, I eagerly wait in the womb of every morning for you to start the new day with Me. However, when the day is old and about to end, I am still left out of your life.“

“Womb of the morning, Lord?”

“Many years ago I laid down my life for you in the womb of the morning. When I was captured I heard how Peter denied Me three times before the rooster crowed. Roosters crow in the womb of the morning, Hess, the time the new day is about to be born and new things start to happen. I am still watching people during that part of the day and do you know how many people deny Me still?

All I desire is to join them in their daily lives because I love them more than you love your children but I am denied the chance to spend the day with them. You surrendered your life to Me and I am very glad that you volunteered your life to God. You have given your life to Me and I took you into My hands with joy. However, Just as I took you into My hands, I want you to take Me into yours. I want you to take Me and hold on to Me, to accompany you throughout the day.

Christians all over the world are still missing true life because they reserve their lives for themselves and deny Me My presence in it. Do you know what you are missing if you choose not to do that? The best time of the day to take My hand is in the womb of the morning.”

With tears in her eyes Hess opens her arms towards heaven and smiles back at Jesus. Oh what a wonderful day this is going to be!
(Inspired by Psalm 110)

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