Walking on water

Walking on Water

 Two Christian executives met in town and decided to chat over a cup of tea.

“Charley, it’s so great meeting you after what seems like decades. How are you?”

“Jim, I wish I could tell you everything is fine but it seems everything has turned against me recently. My wife and I are barely holding on to our marriage and my business has reached a point of no return. There is no return on the money we have invested and it is spiralling downwards with little chance of recovery.”

“Wow, Charley, I’m so sorry to hear that.”
 “Thank you,” Charley replied. “It seems that either Jesus has forgotten us or we have done something terrible. We keep on asking but nothing happens, in fact it seems worse every day. We have had meetings with bank managers, business advisers and of course marriage councillors and all to no avail.”

Jim noticed that Charley seemed drained. “Charley, we also had our share of problems in the past, but praise Jesus, He taught us to walk on water.”

Jim continued. “Let me explain. Thousands of years after God showed Moses how to walk through the Red Sea, Jesus showed them it is possible to walk on water. The descendants of Moses are living in Israel today surrounded by enemies filled with hatred and trying to destroy them. With their backs against the sea they had, and still have, no-one to help them but God.”

“People always joked that Moses took the 'wrong' turn leading them to the desert while all the Arabs got the oil. Looking at Israel today the opposite proves to be true because they are living in a “desert” filled with milk and honey. Recently they have discovered so much oil in the sea bordering Israel, making them independent of oil imports and all the Arabs green with jealousy.”

“The point is, Charley, when they realised they were surrounded by nothing but enemies, they were forced to keep holding on to the hand of God. Israel is a living witness that God is good, that He keeps His side of the covenant with His people.

“Do not rely on banks or bank managers or councillors for worldly advice. It was in times like these that my wife and I were tested too and had nothing left but Jesus. Charley, He is real!”

“Hold on to His hand, but do not just ask Him to rescue you, ask Him to be glorified by the circumstances that you find yourself in. Honour Him, love Him and surrender into His hands not because you need Him, but because you love Him with your whole body, soul and spirit. It is all you need in order to start walking on water.”