Lord, the year has almost run out and I realise that no person cared for me in 2012 the way You did. I feel pampered similar to the way You described the treatment for the return of a prodigal son (Luke 15) on his way back home, and yet, I am home.

I saw You running to me every day with outstretched arms just to tell me – “don’t worry”, or “that was good”, or “don’t feel sad, that wasn’t your fault,”.

I hear Jesus reply to my words: “When I was born, I felt like you, vulnerable and far from home. It was people just like you who took care of Me. Shepherds close by and wise men from afar came running just to welcome Me.”

“I was born for people like you. Angels sang the most beautiful songs in glory to God. For the first time real hope was born. Heaven rejoiced like never before, and do you really know why?”

“No, not because of you,… because of Our Father. “

“Heaven knew that God’s deepest desire, to get you close to Him, was on its way of getting fulfilled. The reason why heaven rejoiced, was because My Father rejoiced. My Father rejoiced because of you.”

“Rejoicing is heard much more in heaven since the day My mission was fulfilled. Everything has changed so much since. On the day of your birth, God smiled and called your name, the same way He does when every person on earth is born. He said, "Son, this child is ours" - the same words He uses when He knows someone would choose to follow Me. ’”

“On the day you decided to follow Me, heaven rejoiced again like every time someone makes a similar decision.”

“Every time you fell, the angels held their breath until they noticed Me cuddling you. Every time the devil tried to change your mind, he noticed Me standing behind you and then he ran.”

“I will never run away from you. Come running to you is what I do. Loving you is easy because it is you. If you would have a problem with you, get over it because I did. I forgave you, your sins are gone."

“Although I wasn’t born on the 25th of December, you are welcome to celebrate My birthday then. This year, as you remember Me on Christmas day, bring glory to Our Father, who sent Me to rescue you. Sing to Him the songs the angels sang. I will run to you and join in with you.”