Alex and his wife had a huge financial problem. They both knelt down next to his chair in his study and with their hands locked together, started praying.

When they were done, Jesus said, “My children, you know that I love you very much. I have to ask you though, how many times more do you want to share this problem with Me?”

“I know everything about you. Your prayers are no newsflash to Me. I love the way you are sharing everything you experience or feel with Me."

"However, sometimes you share your circumstances with Me as if I am oblivious of what you’re going through.”

“Remember the days when you were small and carefree because you knew that you would receive food or whatever you might need from your parents. You would be clothed and bathed and loved. When you fell and scratched a knee, you received all the comfort and love for free.”

“You trusted in your parents for everything in life. Not once did you have to tell them how your life was unfolding. They knew everything about you and always had you on their minds.”

“You are grown up now and since you’ve given your hearts to Me, you are My children now and I always have you on My mind. I am your Father and know what you need or experience even before you ask. You are living in My grace.”

“When you get together to pray like you’ve just done, I detect fear and anxiety. This makes your life difficult, not only for you but for Me too. Faith is the key if you want to be free. Fear is the lock closing the door to the heavenly pantry.”

“Now, when you go down on your knees to pray, know that I know what you’re about to say, and also know that I am ready and able to give. Your desperation tells Me that you doubt you’ll receive what you ask. Then you would not receive, even if you cry or ask pretty please.”

“When you ask, do it smiling and thanking Me for the hope of answering all your prayers. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1). Rejoice and have fun, proving to Me that you believe that what you have asked, you already have received.”

“More than that… live as if you believe I am real!”

“Thank You, Jesus!” Alex said.