Heaven is Near!

 Annabelle looked at herself in the mirror.  “Lord Jesus, when I look into the mirror, at least I know somebody is looking at me because nobody else does.”

“My child, that is not true.  I am always present and I have noticed the expressions on the faces of people passing by.  Some notice your beauty and some don’t, some are jealous.”

“I know You are in me, Lord, but I can’t see You and sometimes I even wonder if You remember me.”

“Where do you think I am, Annabelle? “

“In heaven… and heaven is very far away.”

“Yes, you have the indwelling Holy Spirit and through Him I am present too, but no, heaven is much closer than you think.”

“The Holy Spirit is sent from heaven to be in My people and then they often take pity on the Spirit for being so far removed from home.  In reality, He is very close to heaven.”

“When we talk like this I know You are here, Lord, but because I cannot see You, it is very difficult to grasp the fact that You are always near.”

“Annabelle, have you noticed how fast I reacted every time you found yourself in a crisis?  It was in an instant every time.”

“Yes, Lord.”

That happens because heaven is very close to you.  I am omnipresent.  That is why I said that I am with you always.” (Matthew 28:19,20)

“In fact, I am so close to you that I don’t want you to close your eyes when you pray.  Look in front of you because then you would be looking into My eyes when you talk to Me.”

“When Jack ended the relationship with you two days ago, I stood behind you, holding your heart.”

“When you took a coffee break yesterday, I sat opposite you in the coffee shop.  I usually don’t do that but, even though you haven’t asked for Me, I saw you and I was there because you needed Me.”

“Heaven is near, child. Would you please make an effort to tell as many people as possible how near it is?  So near that when it rains on earth, I can feel the spray.  It is in a different dimension but put out your hand and you would be touching Me in heaven.”

“Yes, Lord!  Thank You!”