Living in joy

Living in Joy!

 He looked at the crowd and said, “Friends, what I have to say is painful but it needs to be said. We have been following the wrong path.”

“What! After all this time you’re telling us it was all in vain?” someone said.

“No, never in vain, but it could have been so much better had we followed the correct way.”

“We know that Jesus is Lord! All our sins are forgiven. We know we are righteous.”

“Ever since we’ve become Christians, we’re living a new life. However, our life has become somewhat self-centred. We expect Jesus to answer our every need in order to satisfy our selfish desires.”

“Is a Christian supposed to be sad, poor and ill all the time?” Someone asked.

“No, but we are supposed to enjoy every second just because we are alive! We need to take every breath of air with a smile on our face.”

“God created us to experience this great and awesome world. He wants us to enjoy this experience and not rush through life the way we do.”

“When we appreciate life, we will savour every moment and praise Him constantly.”

“Our lives ought to be a constant song of joy and praise to God. Life is a feast and He is our Host.”

“We have enemies but Jesus wants us to bless those who persecute us, rejoice with those who rejoice and when it is needed, weep with those who weep.” (Rom 12:14, 15).

“The problem is that we have followed the wrong path of setting one goal for ourselves and that is to retire and enjoy the rest of our life on earth until we die.”

“Our goal should rather be to enter into heaven with a CV titled ‘My time of joy on earth!’ Something that would beg to be read out loud.”

“We should enter into heaven with a song we started singing just before we passed away, praising God for the privilege of experiencing life on earth!”

“People, I believe when an angel wants to speak to Jesus, he would have to go through the proper channels. Wherever we are, Jesus is with us.”

“To live on this side of heaven with the Holy Spirit is something that angels desire to experience!”(1 Peter 1:12)